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Constituency Review Submission from Fabian Lee

Fabian Lee

Submission ID: S46




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From:    Fabian Lee

Sent:      Sunday 23 April 2023 09:57

To:         ELC ConstituencyReview

Cc:         Fabian Lee

Subject:               S46 Fabian Lee Number of TDs Nationally and Other Electoral Issues


1. We need to change the Constitution in relation to the ratio of Representatives to population, raise the population ratio per the elected members!

2. Elected Reps in France are 1 : 100,000, UK 1 : 92,000, Norway 1 : 140,000 (pop at 5.5m), Italy 1 :

100,000, do I need to go on. (Online info, approx figures)

3. If many other EU countries can do efficient jobs with  larger numbers per representative, why can’t we in Ireland.

4. We don’t need more politicians, we need more decisions and efficiencies to provide citizens with the policies and supports Ireland needs. And we need more workers to pay taxes to pay for pensions in the coming years.

5. The Citizens Assemblies are a great idea and get across society views, develop them.

6. We need innovative thinking and progressive policies and not more politicians tripping over each

other and obstructing good democracy.


Fabian Lee

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