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Limerick mayoral election

The people of Limerick will vote for Ireland’s first ever directly elected Mayor on 7 June 2024.  

This takes place as a result of a 2019 plebiscite in which the people of Limerick city and county voted in favour of a proposal for a directly elected Mayor.

The directly elected Mayor of Limerick will be unique in Ireland as they will be the first Mayor with executive powers set out in legislation.

The Mayor will remain in office for five years, which is the same electoral cycle as local councillors.

The Mayor can serve a maximum of two terms of office. These two terms can be consecutive or non-consecutive.

More information is available about the directly elected Mayor their powers and functions is available on

Preparing to vote in the Limerick mayoral election

You will firstly need to check if you are eligible to vote in the vote for Limerick’s Mayor.

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you can register to vote or update your details at

The deadline for postal and special voting arrangements for the elections taking place on 7 June has now passed (11 May).

The deadline to register and update your details for in-person voting for the elections taking place on 7 June has now passed (20 May).

Make sure to register to vote in good time.

A polling information card will be sent to your address with details of your local polling station. You do not need to have your polling information card with you when you go to vote. However, you should bring some valid form of personal identification such as a passport, a driving licence, a public services card, or an employee or student identity card with a photograph. Other forms of identification are also acceptable, such as a credit card or a birth certificate, as long as you also have another document which confirms your address in the constituency. You might not be asked for proof of identity, but if you are asked for it, you need to show it.

Casting your vote in the Limerick mayoral election

When you arrive at your polling station on polling day (Friday, 7 June 2024), you will be asked for your name and address. You should have your ID ready for inspection.

If the polling station staff are satisfied with your identity, and your name is on the Register of Electors, the polling clerk will stamp a ballot paper and give it to you.

Take your ballot paper into the private polling booth.

You can mark in order of preference (1, 2, 3 and so on) the candidates that you would like to vote for on your ballot paper. As you will be voting in a number of elections on the same day, please remember to treat each ballot paper as separate. Therefore, you will need to start at 1 on each ballot paper for your preferred candidate and continue in sequential order.

Who can vote in the Limerick mayoral election?

To vote in the election for the Mayor of Limerick you have to be;

  • 18 years’ old
  • Ordinarily Resident in the State; and
  • Registered to Vote within the Limerick City and County Electoral Areas

Make sure you are registered to vote and check your eligibility before the 20 May 2024 deadline by visiting by contacting Limerick City or County Council.

Multilingual voting information

View multilingual information about voting in elections in Ireland.