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Electoral Integrity

Regulation of Online Electoral Information

In order to protect the fairness and integrity of elections and referendums the Electoral Commission will:

  • monitor, investigate and combat the dissemination of disinformation and misinformation;
  • monitor, investigate, identify and combat manipulative or inauthentic behaviour;
  • monitor, investigate and identify trends in respect of disinformation, misinformation and manipulative or inauthentic behaviour.

This part of the Electoral Reform Act 2022 (Part 5) has not yet been commenced.

The Electoral Commission will also promote public awareness of misinformation, disinformation and manipulative or inauthentic behaviour and will establish educational and information programmes to help address this issue.

The Regulation of Online Advertising During Election Periods

The Electoral Commission will be responsible for ensuring that political advertising on social media and other digital platforms is fully transparent and clearly identified. This part of the Electoral Reform Act 2022 (Part 4) has not yet been commenced.

Post Electoral Event Reviews

The Commission may, after each electoral event – referendum, Presidential, Dáil, Seanad, European, local election – prepare and publish a report on the administration of the electoral event.


The Commission may, and shall when requested by the Minister, advise and make recommendations to the Government or the Minister, in relation to any proposals for legislative change, or any other policy matters concerning electoral policy or procedures.