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Your Vote is Your Voice

Register to vote

Voting gives you an opportunity to be part of decision-making that affects your life and the future of Ireland. Your vote is your voice, if you don’t vote, others will make the decisions for you.

To have your say on important issues by voting, you must be on the electoral register.

It is easy to register to vote or to check that your details are accurate and up to date. You can do this by visiting:

How to register for in-person voting

How to register for postal voting

Updating your details

If you need to update any of your personal details – name, nationality, etc – or change your address on the register the quickest way to do this is via

If you are unable to update your details or change your address using you should contact your local authority. They will be able to update your details using an ERF1 Form

Please be aware if you are;

  • Moving from Dublin to any county outside of Dublin; or
  • Moving to Dublin from any county outside of Dublin,

you can only update your details or change your address using the ERF1 Form. You cannot use You can fill out this form and send to your relevant local authority who will process your application to update your details. 

Voter registration deadlines

Please register as early as possible!

The deadline to register and update your details for in-person voting for the local and European Elections is 20 May 2024.

The deadline for postal and special voting arrangements for the elections was 11 May 2024.

Once you are registered to vote, and you meet eligibility criteria for voting for one or more of these elections, a polling information card may be posted to your address before polling day.

Prepare to vote

  • Make sure you’re registered at your current address by 20 May 2024. Check your information is up to date at
  • The deadline for postal and special voting arrangements for the elections taking place on Friday 7 June was 11 May 2024.
  • Watch out for your polling information card to arrive at your home by post.
  • Learn more about the European, local and Limerick mayoral elections.
  • Make a plan for when you are going to vote on 7 June 2024. Visit our where to vote section for more information.
  • You do not need to have your polling information card with you when you go to vote. However, you should bring some valid form of personal identification such as a passport, a driving licence, a public services card, or an employee or student identity card with a photograph. Other forms of identification are also acceptable, such as a credit card or a birth certificate, as long as you also have another document which confirms your address in the constituency. You might not be asked for proof of identity, but if you are asked for it, you need to show it.