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Constituency Review Submission from Adam Hunt

Dear Commission members,

I am writing to showcase my maps of possible constituencies for the future Dáil.

Images of the constituencies’ maps are in the attached files and the excel spreadsheet kept at this link: 

Maps and table provided in this link are attached separately as individual files

Or for just Table of all Electoral divisions and a pivot table use this link:

Table provided in this link is attached as a separate file

Constituencies’ are contained by counties under the following rules

Gives 177 seats at end

*Connaught + Tipperary + Clare + Donegal: 36 seats

No maps sadly other than

Galway City 3 seats

*Dublin 50 seats

No maps sadly other than

Dún Laoghaire – Rathdown 8 seats

*Cork – Kerry 25 seats

Has version where Kerry is cut- up

Or alt showing only Kerry with 5 seats

*Carlow- Kilkenny- Waterford 10 seats

*Wicklow- Wexford 11 seats

*Longford- Westmeath 5 seats

Below average population per seat but also fastest growing counties

*Cavan- Monaghan 5 seats

*Limerick 8 seats

*Meath- Kildare – Louth 21 seats

No maps sadly

*Laois Offaly 6 seats

I hope these maps are good help in this important part of democracy.

Yours faithfully,

Adam Hunt

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