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Constituency Review Submission from Aidan O’Dwyer

Aidan O’Dwyer

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To whom it may concern

The 2022 Census showed a total population of 167,661 in the county of Tipperary. 

This is a population per TD of 33,532. 

The current population of County Tipperary now requires the election of 6 TDs.

This would mean a population of 27,944 per TD without the need for any other areas from a neighbouring constituency.

Considering that a single 6 seat constituency is not allowable under the terms of reference, I would propose the return of two 3 seat constituencies.

The easiest and most desirable option would be to return to the previous North and South Tipperary constituencies.

It is possible to have two 3 seat constituencies and stay with the 5% national average if a total number of TDs nationally is at 174 or higher.

Kind Regards

Aidan O’Dwyer

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