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Constituency Review Submission from Áine Coakley

Áine Coakley

Submission ID: S323




Cork South-Central, Cork South-West

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Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to make a submission in relation to the Ballinhassig area and the boundary between the constituencies of Cork South West and Cork South Central.

This review provides an excellent opportunity to rectify the current anomaly which sees Ballinhassig split between two constituencies. Currently the electoral districts of Dunderrow and Templemichael are in Cork South West but the electoral district of Ballygarvan is in Cork South Central.

I propose that the electoral district of Ballygarvan be moved to Cork South West. Moving this electoral district would have two positive impacts – the entire Ballinhassig Parish would be in the same constituency and it would be part of Cork South West, which better represents the interests of the electorate in this area.

Ballinhassig parish is largely rural based and its profile is much better aligned with Cork South West than the city based Cork South Central constituency. It also makes it easier for people to know who their public representatives are and eliminates confusion about candidates and who they can vote for come election time.

It makes sense to keep parishes together and to have all the electorate in Ballinhassig parish represented by the same public representatives.

I ask that you give consideration to this submission in your review please.

Thank you.


Áine Coakley

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