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Constituency Review Submission from Annie Mc Ginley 

Annie Mc Ginley 

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Louth, Meath East

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I have an interest in and I hope some input for your constituency review in relation to South Louth & East Meath.

My son attended primary school ( Scoil Aonghusa )  in South Louth and secondary ( Drogheda Grammar ) in East Meath. 

However if you ask him, he will tell you he went to both schools in Drogheda. 

Now a young man of 24, he sees Drogheda and its environs as all part of one metropolitan area.

He played Rugby for Boyne, a team made up of an amalgamation of Drogheda ( South Louth ) and Delvin ( East Meath )  his team mates came from Laytown, Bettystown, Termonfeckin,  Monasterboice and Drogheda,  they all seen themselves as being from the Greater Drogheda area.

They bought their school books/uniforms in Drogheda. They played with pride for Boyne. They danced and romanced in Drogheda every weekend. 

But they all had to split up and leave for work as both South Louth and East Meath misses out from not having a constituency of their own. 

If the Greater Drogheda Region had its own constituency it could work together for the benefit of all.

If Drogheda had City status then a administrative body made up of members from both areas could push for coordinated thinking.

The state bodies that lose out because of division of resources, would blossom when joined together. 

The area would become much more attractive for investors. 

Then maybe the lads could come back and give their skills to the employment pool that Drogheda City or the coordinated area of South Louth / East Meath would develop. 

Annie Mc Ginley 

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