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Constituency Review Submission from Aoife O Brien

Aoife O Brien

Submission ID: S176




Clare, Limerick City

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To whom this concerns. I would like to express my anger and disappointment that there is ongoing talks of the Ballyglass DED may be annexed to Limerick. I would like to know the reasoning and the decision behind the GREED of the Limerick constituency to try and claim the Ballyglass DED. What is the rational for this? Over the many years Limerick have annexed parts of Clare, Caherdavin, Coonagh and now looking to do so with Corbally, Parteen and Ardnacrusha. Where will this end? Will this continue to happen until the Limerick electoral division has taken over the entire of county Clare? Or will the greed continue and they will try and take parts of Kerry, Cork and Tipp too. Why does it continue to always be parts of Clare they annex why not the likes of Birdhill?

If you could please just leave us alone on the Clare border we have suffered enough with this through the years and I would have thought the message had been spelt out clearly for those previously but obviously not. Is it now your intention to go after these parts of Clare yet again as you think that now more and more Limerick families have crossed the border and taken up residence in these locations that they will accept this proposal? As a native of Ardnacrusha who has lived there all her life and her mothers family before that I am extremely disgusted by this news.

I look forward to having my questions answered and hearing back from you.



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