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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Association of Irish Local Government

Association of Irish Local Government

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From:    President

Sent:      Thursday 2 March 2023 17:49

To:         ELC ConstituencyReview

Subject:                Submission regarding review of the Electoral Constituencies for Dail Eireann 2023

To: Chairperson and Members

       Electoral Commission                                                   

Dear Commissioners

The Association of Irish Local Government would urge you – in the context of the review of Dail constituencies currently underway – to place particular emphasis on your Term of Reference 1 (c) which enjoins  you to retain county boundaries as much as possible.

The configuration of Ireland’s counties has a strong imprint on the public’s awareness of political geography.

People tend to know their counties and their boundaries very well and are therefore more likely to respond to electoral exercises which take place within the county pattern.

In previous instances where county boundaries have been breached there has been disappointment and a sense of detachment among the communities involved which may well have affected turnouts at the subsequent elections.

There is also the fact that local government in Ireland operates almost entirely on the basis of the traditional county boundaries. It makes sense to all of those involved in representational activity – be it at local government or national parliament level – that their work is aligned along the same boundaries.

The Association wishes you well with your inaugural task as Ireland’s new Electoral Commission.

Is mise le meas,

Pat Fitzpatrick

Cllr. Pat Fitzpatrick

AILG President 2022/2023

Association of Irish Local Government

The AILG is a national representative body that represents and supports the role of our elected councillors. We are a strong voice for local communities through effective local government.

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