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Constituency Review Submission from Bettystown Tidy Towns

Bettystown Tidy Towns

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Meath East, Louth

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I would like to make a submission for your consideration in relation to Reporting on


We live in Mornington County Meath and we are in the Louth electoral area for General Elections

and in Meath for County Council elections. This hampers us getting services in our area as the

Council pass us off to Louth and Louth are not interested as we are in another County.

We live in East Meath and should be in the East Meath Constituency, in my opinion.

The Towns and villages that are located in East Meath,  Mornington,  Bettystown,  Laytown,  Julianstown etc is a satellite area for Dublin with a population nearing 20,000 and growing rapidly.

Thank you for considering this submission.


Bettystown Tidy Towns

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