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Constituency Review Submission from Brian O’Farrell, CEO, County Carlow Chamber

Brian O’Farrell, CEO, County Carlow Chamber

Submission ID: S527




Carlow-Kilkenny, Laois-Offaly

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To the Electoral Commission

While we fully understand and appreciate the view towards maintaining country boundaries, we firmly believe that there are some very strong cases locally and perhaps across the country where old county boundary lines need to be reconsidered in the review of electoral areas.  One of these areas if the boundary between Co. Carlow and Laois encompassing Carlow Town and Graiguecullen.

Both Carlow Town and Graiguecullen urban areas have seen steady growth and the projections for both areas into the future is for continued strong growth in population.  At present the county boundary is like an imaginary line running through the middle of the town which caused disruption and inconvenience in many ways.  The businesses and people living in the Graiguecullen area regularly defer to the local T.D on concerns, and for many the local T.D is their neighbour and the one based in Carlow.  In addition, the people living in Graiguecullen would regularly avail of services like Library, Schools, Business services etc in Carlow, as Graiguecullen is poorly served in this regard.  The people and businesses in the Graiguecullen area should be able to access services locally and not have to travel to Portlaoise as is the case for most services and supports.  We have seen many instances where businesses cannot access a particular support or programme because they are considered outside the county boundary just because of where rates are paid.

To ensure the best services and offering for the businesses and people of the Carlow & Graiguecullen area, we should bring everything including representation together.  The growth of the area is happening, and we need to ensure that it has a stronger and more focused voice that will benefit all the businesses and people living in the urban area of Carlow and Graiguecullen.

Kind Regards


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