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Constituency Review Submission from Brid Morgan

Brid Morgan

Submission ID: S181




Roscommon-Galway, Galway East

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From: Brid Morgan
Sent: Wednesday 3 May 2023 23:53
To: ELC ConstituencyReview
Subject: boundary review

I live in Co. GALWAY – in Glenamaddy. I am in Roscommon/Galway constituency. My home is in Co. Galway so I want and feel my constituency should be East Galway or North Galway not at all connected with Roscommon. I am NOT a Roscommon person, I feel alienated at Election times especially. I am very interested in politics and took an active part as a volunteer worker in my constituency in the past. I know the commission has guidelines to follow re population but as far as I’m concerned county boundaries are sacrosanct – sticking a tiny bit of a county in with another is not acceptable – combinations such as happened with Longford/Westmeath in the past where both counties are more or less treated treated equally (if they are) may be different.
Brid Morgan

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