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Constituency Review Submission from Christopher O Rourke

Christopher O Rourke

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I would urge the commission in all cases the bring the boundries back within the County Boundries for the following reasons.

1 it does not work any other way and is unconstitutional. 

2 It is clear on the ground that these areas get less funding for things like Costal Erosion ,etc 

If you have 4 TDs living and working in a County and they have 10% of the next County under the present system .

If the 4 get 100million in funding for Costal Erosion  do you think the next County is going to get 10 million  No they won’t because there will be a bigger call from their home Villages or Towns . So the next County  would be lucky to get 2 Million .

The simple solutions are as follows .

Reduce the no s required from 30000 to 20000 and if need be allow 1or 2 TDs stand in that part of the County Area .

A Take numbers from another part of the County

B Add TD  or TDs from the Nearest part of the same County .



Christopher O Rourke 

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