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Constituency Review Submission from Ciaran Dunleavy

Ciaran Dunleavy

Submission ID: S486




Dublin Central, Dublin West

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Dear Electoral Commission,

I am writing to you with regard to the upcoming redistribution of the boundaries and in particular the future of the Dublin Central/Dublin West constituency.

The constituency of Dublin Central was massively altered prior to the 2016 elections and I believe this has had a major negative impact on the residents that were redistributed to Dublin West.

The division of Dublin Central and the redistribution of the Navan Road area (Ashtown A, Ashtown B) into Dublin West has lead to lack of proper representation for the area. No sitting TD or candidate from Dublin Central moved to contest the subsequent elections in Dublin West and the elected TDs from Dublin West are concentrated in the original parts of that constituency.

Also the Navan Road area is controlled by Dublin City Council at a Local Authority level but has been added to a constituency previously totally controlled by Fingal Council. 

Considering that a lot of issues can require both local and national government interaction to be resolved having TDs representing the Navan Road area with no historical ties to or working relationship with Dublin City Council has proven to be very problematic.

I would greatly appreciate if you would take the points outlined above into account and consider returning the Navan Road area to the Dublin Central constituency. 

Yours Sincerely,

Ciarán Dunleavy

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