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Constituency Review Submission from Cllr. Enda McGloin

Cllr. Enda McGloin

Submission ID: S429





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Dear Chairperson, 

Thank you for the opportunity to forward a submission on this important report. 

As a public representative based in Drumshanbo Co Leitrim I have witnessed at first hand the disappointing way previous commissions have divided my county. 

In two consecutive elections (2007 & 2011) my home town voted in two separate constituencies, Roscommon South Leitrim & Sligo North Leitrim. Thankfully in 2016, Leitrim returned as one county within the larger Sligo, Leitrim, West Cavan & South Donegal. While this was welcomed by the people of Leitrim that commission decided that 2 more counties would be divided to facilitate the figures resulting in a constituency more than 120 km long and wide.

In 2020 the trend continued while dropping West Cavan, an area of North Roscommon was added in another 4 county constituency version of  Sligo Leitrim.

Speaking as a Leitrim public representative I urge that this commission ensure Leitrim is retained as one county and some thought be given to return and reunite Donegal as possibly two, three seat constituencies. 

While this exercise is a ‘numbers game’ so to speak there is a responsibility on this committee to do whatever possible to keep counties united where possible and where not that sections of counties that are separated, that they are aligned to counties or areas close to their natural hinterland. 

Other submissions deal extensively with the population figures and what is clear to me at this stage is the possibility of keeping Co Roscommon together as one unit is challenging. 

The area of North Roscommon currently aligned to the Sligo Leitrim constituency is seen by many as a natural link and when it is necessary to make a divide, then areas amalgamated should have strong connections, the current area of North Roscommon is connected in many ways to South Sligo and Mid Leitrim. 

I note that since the amalgamation of the current constituency and the 2020 election, I am aware of little or no objections documented from the people of North Roscommon which should be noted by the commission. 

In conclusion,  I wish you well in your endeavours and urge strongly that when reaching your final configuration that Leitrim continues to exist as one county within any proposed new constituency formation, 

Yours Sincerely, 

Cllr Enda McGloin,

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