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Constituency Review Submission from Cllr Gail Dunne

Cllr Gail Dunne

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To whom it may concern,

In my view Wicklow should become two 3 seater constituencies, Wicklow North and Wicklow South.

The Wicklow constituency is currently a 5 seater, however north Wicklow is very different to south Wicklow.  The north of the county has large urban areas which could be considered an extension of Dublin; i.e. Bray and Greystones along the M50 and Dart line and Blessington with its close proximity to Tallaght along the N81.  While the south of the County is more rural.  Even Wicklow town has more in common with Arklow town in the very south of the county (they both have ports) than it would have with the towns of Bray or Greystones in the north.

In addition I would suggest that the Commission must address the democratic deficit which the population of the south of the county are currently experiencing.  The 2020 election resulted in all 5 TDs coming from the Bray and Greystones area in the north of the county.  Splitting the county into two constituencies north and south would ensure a balance of public representation for the constituents of County Wicklow.

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