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Constituency Review Submission from Cllr. Michael Connolly

Cllr. Michael Connolly

Submission ID: S433




Galway East, Galway West, Roscommon-Galway

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Galway East has been split for the last 2 General Elections with the more eastern part of the County and other parts going into Roscommon Galway.

This has had a very negative impact on Ballinasloe Town and many other parts of Galway East struggling to know where to look for representation and to try and secure investment in Jobs, Health, Tourism, and many other services.

I am proposing that all the Area in Roscommon now returns to Galway East to make it a four-seater Constituency.

I am also proposing the if the population in City and County is sufficient for 10 Dail seats that a section of West Galway be put into East Galway to make a 5-seater in Galway East and Galway West.

I am strongly urging that the Commission avoid splitting County boundaries as much as possible.

Yours Sincerely

Cllr Michael Connolly

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