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Constituency Review Submission from Cllr Paddy McQuillan

Cllr Paddy McQuillan

Submission ID: S341




Louth, Meath East

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Dear madam

The last government boundary review was 1017. At that time Drogheda had witnessed huge population growth but was overlooked with regard to a stand alone constituency. Since then the population has constantly increased. Indeed with the construction of the Port Access Northern Cross Route there is planning permission granted for up to seven thousand homes. This will see an increase of at least twenty thousand to the population to the town.

The connection between Drogheda and East Meath are logical and apparent for all to see. East Meath view Drogheda as their town centre and use all amenities available on a constant basis. East Meath also is included in the electoral constituency of Louth and East Meath. We also share An Garda Siochana, LMETB, HSE, An Post as well as all shopping, nightlife and public spaces.

I firmly believe that a stand alone constituency is the only way forward for an emerging population. I trust you will give this submission due consideration.

Yours Hopefully

Cllr Paddy McQuillan

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