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Constituency Review Submission from Colette Timmons

Colette Timmons

Submission ID: S337




Dublin Central, Dublin West

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Dear Sir,

Hereunder are my suggestions to the upcoming changes proposed for Dail constituency boundaries.

Currently, the Navan Road area is in Dublin West for Dail purposes but not in Fingal for local authority purposes, but still located in Dublin City Council.

This unsatisfactory situation results in TDs and Senators having to deal with multiple local authorities when handling constituents’ business.

It would also provide better alignment with local election wards as currently the Cabra/Glasnevin Ward is split between Dublin Central and Dublin West.

I believe as most of the Navan Road area is geographically located in Dublin City area it should be part of Dublin Central.

Yours sincerely,
Colette Timmons

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