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Constituency Review Submission from Colm Brennan

Colm Brennan

Submission ID: S243




Clare, Limerick City

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To Sir or Madame, 

I have heard about the plans to move the Ballyglass DED, including Westbury, Parteen and Ardnacrusha into the Limerick Constituency.

As someone born in Ardnacrusha as well as raised here I know the benefits of living in the Clare Constituency

Constituency, as well as what it means to the people who have lived in these areas for decades. 

I personally believe that our closeness to the Limerick border is a big part of Clare inhabitants mixing in with Limerick and her city. 

I would vehemently oppose and protest the move if indeed Limerick are to once again annex the land of my birth and the land of numerous Banner people, old and young, some who’s parents are from Limerick. 

I would appreciate a response as to what will happen next if this move is to go ahead. 

Kind regards, 

Colm Brennan

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