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Constituency Review Submission from Comhairle Dáilceantair Uibh Fhailí Fianna Fáil

Comhairle Dáilceantair Uibh Fhailí Fianna Fáil

Submission ID: S87




Laois-Offaly, European Constituencies - Midlands-North-West, European Constituencies - South

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A chara,

I write on behalf of Comhairle Dáilceantair Uibh Fhailí Fianna Fáil.

We wish to make a submission in relation to both the Dáil and European Parliament Constituency Review.


In making a submission we have taken particular note of the following:

               Changes in population as reported from the 2022 Census

               The terms of reference which includes –

that apart from the population considerations, the commission shall also have regard to the following;

The breaching of county boundaries shall be avoided as far as practicable.

Change in Population:

The population recorded for Offaly in the 2016 census was 77,961.  The 2022 census records a population for Offaly at 82,668.  Article 16 of the Constitution states that “ the total number of members of Dáil Éireann shall not be fixed at less than one member for each thirty thousand of the population, or at more than one member for each twenty thousand of the population. It further states that “ No law shall be enacted whereby the number of members to be returned for any constituency shall be less than three”.  On the basis of the foregoing the county of Offaly has a right to be represented by a minimum of 3 Teachtai Dáil.  We accordingly request that provision be made to include this in your report and recommendations .

County Boundaries:

The county of Offaly was subjected to breaches of county boundaries following recommendations from the Boundary Commission Reports of 2007 & 2012. The situation where the local representational base differs with that of the national representational base is problematic and militates against local democracy. It is imperative that the integrity of the county boundaries be adhered to in the interest of living the philosophies of a democracy.


On the basis of population changes recorded in the 2023 Census and giving due consideration to the  to the geographic spread we request that consideration be given to realigning our Dail constituency with the Midlands – North – West constituency for the European Parliament.

We trust that due consideration will be given to the above submission.

Mise le meas,

Miriam Uí Cheallacháin

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