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Constituency Review Submission from Con O’Donnell

Con O’Donnell

Submission ID: S268




Cork East

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I have recently discovered that Blackpool Village and Dublin Hill Cork are under represented in Cork City Council because it is in the Northeast Ward.

The Northeast Ward is represented by three councillors from the Mayfield area, including one from a part of Ballyvolane that looks to do its business in Dillons Cross.
A fourth Councillor is in rural part but would have strong ties with Mayfield.

One Councillor is in Glanmire and another in a rural area of Rathpeacon. Thus Blackpool Village is left largely unrepresented. This became very apparent to me during the Bus Connects consultations.

Blackpool is in a valley and traditionally linked with Shandon Street to its South, Faranree on its west Bank and Dublin Hillto the North. Growing up for Dublin Hill would have included Glenthorn and Glenheights. Also included were Mount Farran and Farrancleary place.

I propose that the grouping of All those areas in the same Electoral area would be provide best representation for Blackpool, Farranree and Shandon Street.

Con O’Donnell

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