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Constituency Review Submission from Councillor Tom O Leary

Councillor Tom O Leary

Submission ID: S218




Dublin Fingal

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Submission to Electoral Commission  

Draft Population stats census 2022 

  • Swords Lea 55,239
  • Balbriggan Lea 40,344

Balbriggan Skerries  Loughshinny 

  • Rush Lusk Lea 39,981

Donabate and Rural Fingal Villages 

North Fingal now at 80,325 per CSO 2022 

Boundary Review:

  • Projected Additional Population via zoned residential lands in the Fingal Development Plan 2023-2029

Lissenhall 7000 Homes 

Balbriggan ~4000 

Skerries 600

Rush Lusk 6000

 say 17,000  x 2.5 per homes =

  • 42,500 new population over next 6+ years.   
  • Taking into consideration the current population in the 3 lea wards in Dublin North Fingal
  • The natural geographical configuration of the towns up along the coast from Balbriggan on to Skerries

Loughshinny Rush Lusk Donabate 

And inland across rural Fingal

  • I would ask that this area be considered and future proofed as a 3 Seater Constituency ( at least if not a 4 seater ) also noting that there is considerable land zoned Residential in this area and towns.  
  • My estimation is that 40,000 new residents will live in this area over the next years where building land is available and where metro dublin will be established ( lissenhall). 

So I would make the case that this area as outlined above 3 wards and lissenhall is suitable for either a 3 seater constituency or 4 seater if account is taken of the future new resident population that will live here. 


Cllr Tom OLeary 

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