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Constituency Review Submission from Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall

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Dublin Central

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From:    Stephen Hall

Sent:      Friday 10 February 2023 10:20

To:         ELC ConstituencyReview

Subject:                Geographical areas

Dear team,

I would like the commission to give more thought to splitting / breaking up existing electoral areas

rather than keeping them static and moving one or the other to different constituencies.

Areas that were former farmland such as north ashtown ‘pelletstown’ in Dublin should not sit in same electoral area as when a handful of people lived there in a ‘townland’.

More (or more logically drawn) electoral areas would allow commission to better unite neighbourhoods within constituencies e.g Glasnevin is split between three constituencies; or use better tests to unite major towns with their hinterlands.

We can keep the old fashioned ‘barony’ names but using their boundaries for deciding constituency

boundaries is archaic !


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