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Constituency Review Submission from Damien Cahill

Damien Cahill

Submission ID: S57B




Meath East, Meath West

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(Part 2 of a 2 Part Submission)

A chara, 

Meath, whilst contiguous as a county council, is being ill-represented at a national level because it is split across four constituencies, something that doesn’t occur in other parts of the country. 

Meath is currently split as follows: 

  • Most of coastal Meath is part of the Louth constituency, 
  • Part of north Meath is part of the Cavan/Monaghan constituency, 
  • The rest of the county is split across two constituencies, and part of eastern Co. Westmeath is part of Meath West. 

This is entirely at odds with respect to Electoral Reform Act, 2022 – Part II – 57. (2) (c) the breaching of county boundaries shall be avoided as far as practicable; (d) each constituency shall be composed of contiguous areas;

How is it that a county like Meath or any county, is allowed to be split into four divergent directions?

I would respectfully suggest to the commission that this matter is considered an aberration that must be foremost in your deliberations for correction. 

Kindest Regards

Damien Cahill

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