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Constituency Review Submission from Dara Ó Maoildhia

Dara Ó Maoildhia

Submission ID: S556




Galway West, National Issues

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I would like the Electoral Commission to act on the following issues:

We on the Aran Islands want to vote on the same day as everyone else. Setting the date ahead of the mainland is alienating and archaic.

The best constituency that we could belong to as islands would be a constituency of all the inhabited islands of Ireland. We are not represented properly otherwise. 

Islanders never have a councillor or TD elected from their island, because our populations are too small. Island needs and issues are particular to islands, and mainland based representatives generally do not know us, understand us, or represent us well.

Many islanders are absent on the day of voting and miss the chance to vote. This is especially the case with students. 

In this day and age, it should be possible to do 

a) postal voting and 
b) voting ahead of time.

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