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Constituency Review Submission from David Jones

David Jones

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Meath West

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I would like to ask you not to change the border of the Meath West constituency and I want to make a submission. 

The proposed changes to the Meath West constituency border could have a significant negative impact on the local community, both politically and socially.

Firstly, changing the constituency border could mean that some areas that are currently part of Meath West may be moved to another constituency. This could result in the loss of representation for these areas, as they would no longer be within the remit of the Meath West TD. This could leave these areas feeling neglected and without a voice in national politics.

Secondly, changing the constituency border could lead to a loss of local identity and community spirit. The current Meath West constituency is made up of a diverse range of communities, each with their own unique character and history. If the borders are changed, some of these communities may be split up or merged with others, leading to a loss of identity and a sense of belonging. 

Furthermore, changing the constituency border could have practical implications for local services and infrastructure. For example, schools, hospitals, and other public services are often organized based on constituency boundaries. If the borders are changed, it could result in confusion and inefficiencies in the provision of these services.

In addition, changing the constituency border could impact local elections, as it could change the balance of power between political parties. This could result in a lack of continuity in local governance, as new representatives may have different priorities and agendas than their predecessors.

Overall, it is clear that changing the Meath West constituency border could have a range of negative impacts on the local community. It is important that any proposed changes are carefully considered and take into account the needs and concerns of all those affected.

Kind Regards 

David Jones

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