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Constituency Review Submission from Declan O’Reilly

Declan O’Reilly

Submission ID: S312




Kildare North, Kildare South

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The Secretary,
An Coimisiún Toghcháin,
The Electoral Commission, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2.

To whom it concerns,

It is my opinion and that of some other contacts in my social circle that excluding the Mullacash, Killashee areas and Two Mile House from voting in the Kildare North constituency causes a disconnect between our townland and the very close neighbouring town of Naas.

The urban outskirts of Naas town have at this stage already reached the Killashee townland and therefore with respect, it does not really make sense that we have to vote in the Kildare South constituency.
Moreover in the past we voted in Two Mile House Village National School but in the last election some people who wished to vote in these areas had to travel approximately 9 miles to a voting centre located on the far side of Ballymore Eustace.

Separating and excluding these townlands and surrounding areas from voting in Naas (Kildare North) fails to serve the most effective operation of and participation in the democratic process. It also causes unnecessary confusion for the local electorate and this confusion even extends to candidates from Kildare North who on occasions have reportedly canvassed these neighbourhoods assuming that it was part of the Kildare North constituency.
I would not blame them or the local electorate for thinking same due to our very close proximity to Naas.

I am appealing to the Commission to end this confusion and dichotomy by ensuring Mullacash, Killashee all of Punchestown, Swordlestown, Coughlanstown and other surrounding areas including the village of Two Mile House, are joined up to Kildare North and it is interesting to note that the current configuration of splitting this Two Mile House area from the Kildare North constituency also causes a split in the local parish which is known as Naas\Two Mile House\Sallins.
Also there are very long established school, hospital, sporting and strong socio-economic links with Naas.

I hope you will consider strongly this submission when making your decision.

Declan O’Reilly

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