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Constituency Review Submission from Deputy Steven Matthews T.D.

Deputy Steven Matthews T.D.

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Wicklow, National Issues

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From: Steven Matthews
Sent: Friday 5 May 2023 11:00
To: ELC ConstituencyReview
Cc: Cllr. ErikaDoyle
Subject: Submission on boundary review

To The Electoral Commission
I request that a review of the Electoral Act be carried out to allow for creation of 6 seat constituencies for the following reasons:
Proportionality: the prohibition on 6 seat constituencies will necessitate the creation of more 3 seat constituencies, which are demonstrably less proportionate when it comes to votes-to-seat representation. This is in unfair to smaller parties, minority views and is not in keeping with the spirit and intention of a proportional electoral system such as PRSTV, nor appropriate for a modern and diverse political system.
Diversity and gender balance: Smaller constituencies are a significant disadvantage to those currently under represented in politics and act as a barrier to entry and success to these groups. This leaves women in particular under represented and is contrary to other efforts to increase diversity and proportionality in representation on amongst our public representatives.
To preserve county and Council boundaries within Dáil constituencies, 6 seat constituencies will be necessitated in a number of areas in light of recent popular on changes.

In relation to the Wicklow constituency, I request that the Commission consider how best to maintain Wicklow’s boundaries so as not to split the county and retain the broadest representation on for residents throughout the county.


Steven Matthews TD

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