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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Dermot Flaherty

Dermot Flaherty

Submission ID: S78




Galway West, Galway East

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Dear Sir/Madame,

I wish to make a submission in relation to the Galway East and Galway West constituencies. I am living ìn the town-land of Cashla (10 miles from Galway city, 6 miles form Claregalway, 6 miles from Oranmore) currently in the Galway East constituency. More importantly it is in the OranmoreAtherny local election area constituency which encompasses Claregalway and Oranmore.

  1. The overwhelming majority of the people in my area work between where they live and Galway city, Oranmore and Claregalway all of which are in the Galway West constituency.
  2. The overwhelming majority of children in this area go to schools (Claregalway, Oranmore, Cregmore, Carnmore) in the Galway West constituency.
  3. All the sporting and cultural amenities we avail of and participate in are in the Galway West constituency.
  4. We socialise in Claregalway, Oranmore and Galway city all in the in the Galway West constituency.
  5. The roads, services and amenities we use on a daily basis are all in the Galway West constituency.

I could make several other points similar to those above that demonstrate our links to the Galway West constituency. Yet we do not have any say via votes at a General Elections for public representatives that make decisions about our area as we are based on the Galway East constituency.

This is an anomaly that affects a small number of houses (approximately 10) along the R339 road between the L71104 road and the L3102 road that are on the right-hand side of the road as you travel east.

I request that consideration be given to moving these 10 houses to the Galway West constituency. Given the number of voters it will have no material affect on Galway West or Galway East constituencies but will have a major benefit for the citizens of these houses.


Dermot Flaherty.

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