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Constituency Review Submission from Derry Collins

Derry Collins

Submission ID: S334




Cork South-West, Cork South-Central

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Dear Sir / Madam

Minane Bridge  in Cork is in the unfortunate position, that  part of this small village and rural region in Cork is in the constituency division of West Cork and part in Cork South Central. In the parish of Tracton, the Electoral Districts of Farrenbrien, Ballyfoyle and Ballyfeard are currently in Cork South West.The Electoral Division of Kilpatrick is in Cork South Central.

Ensuring all four EDs are in the same constituency is critical as it allows for the area to be properly represented in Dail Eireann. Putting the Electoral Division of Kilpatrick in Cork  South West would resolve this.

I believe this matter should be given appropriate consideration.


Derry Collins

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