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Constituency Review Submission from Des Grant

Des Grant

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Louth, Meath East

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Dear Boundary Commission,

I propose the creation of a new three-seater constituency called Drogheda / East Meath Constituency which will use the maps of the current electoral districts.  

This new constituency will make Louth a three-seater (Excluding the Drogheda electoral).

I propose that the rest of Meath be made a four-seater (Excluding East Meath electoral).

This will create 10 seats in Louth and Meath, up from the current 9 seats.

Drogheda the largest town in Ireland has suffered by not having its own administration and by being divided by county lines, with the river dividing the town for hundreds of years.  

To enhance togetherness, and to eliminate historical nonsensical boundaries, the Drogheda and East Meath must be united.

This will reflect the reality on the ground and the clear wishes of the people.

The population of this area is already approaching 80,000 people, depending on which maps and matrix are used. 

The State Agencies are already aligned to this de-facto constituency including the gardai, HSE, fire services and education.

The current county boundaries are dysfunctional.

The people of East Meath see Drogheda as their market town, and Drogheda sees East Meath as part of the greater Drogheda town.

Proposals to end the current East Meath/Louth constituency and make Louth a new stand constituency would be a big mistake.

Mid and North Louth should be a three seater, and Drogheda and East Meath also be a combined three seater, and the rest of Meath a four seater.

This will increase Louth and Meath’s combined TD count from 9 TDs to 10 TDs, and will finally end the boundary madness that has tortured Drogheda for decades.

The town of Drogheda will have an extra 7,000 homes in five years, so it is best to do this now.


Des Grant ( I am the editor of the Drogheda Leader Newspaper, though the comments here are my own opinion).

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