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Constituency Review Submission from Dom Gradwell

Dom Gradwell

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Louth, Meath East

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From: Dom Gradwell
Sent: Thursday 4 May 2023 20:57
To: ELC ConstituencyReview
Subject: Drogheda / East Meath

To Whom It Concerns.

I write in relation to the current review of Dail constituencies that is being carried out by the Electoral Commission.

I absolutely believe that Drogheda should be the centre of a stand alone constituency for the following reasons:

• Drogheda and its immediate hinterland in both Louth and the East Meath area is the fastest growing urban centre in the country, with a population equivalent to Waterford. Although this considerable population is divided by the old Meath / Louth county boundary which runs along the south of Drogheda, the town is the central focal point of the region.
• Drogheda and East Meath share the facilities Drogheda offers, from Transport to Education, Sport to Healthcare, Nightlife to Shopping, and of course all the natural amenities such as the River Boyne and the local beaches on both sides of the Boyne Estuary.
• Many national organisations such as An Post, An Garda Siochana, the HSE, the LMETB, Uisce Eireann etc… already view the Drogheda / East Meath Area as a single entity.
• Drogheda / East Meath has already been recognised as a single entity by the Electoral Commission when it added East Meath to the Louth constituency.
Given its location as the fulcrum of this large and fast growing population district, the equivalent of a stand alone city, my belief is that Drogheda / East Meath should be designated a stand alone 3 seat constituency, but failing that the current borders where East Meath’s population is considered part of the Drogheda Electoral area should be maintained at the very minimum.

Trusting you will give my submission due thought and consideration,

Kind Regards,

Dom Gradwell

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