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Constituency Review Submission from Donal Foley

Donal Foley

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Dublin West, Dublin Fingal, National Issues

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To whom this may concern,

According to the latest census the population of Ireland is now at 5,123,536 people.
Article 16(2) of the constitution says the numbers of T.D.’s “shall not be fixed at less than one member for each thirty thousand of the population, or at more than one member for each twenty thousand of the population”

If the commission set the number of people per TD at 28,500 it would mean total number of TDs of 180 and only having to change / split the boundary of 13 of the existing national constituencies.
This would also “future proof” to some extent the constituencies for projected future growth until 2030.
The projected population of Ireland in 2030 is forecast to be 5.24 million people.
If the above proposal is to be adopted the commission should be able to maintain constituency continuity until after 2030.

For the Dublin West constituency which I am most familiar with there is currently a population consisting of everyone within Dublin 15 within Fingal County Council boundary.
The Navan Road Area consisting of Ashtown A and Ashtown B have also now been in the Dublin West Dáil constituency for two successive general elections.
The river Liffey borders the southern side of the constituency and Co. Meath borders the western side. Other parts of Fingal which were previously transferred out of the Dublin West constituency to the Dublin Fingal constituency border the eastern side.
According to article 16(2) of the constitution the Dublin West population is presently above the constitutional population limits.
It is important in the first instance to maintain the integrity of the geographical area of the Dublin West constituency which has included Dublin 15 at its core for many decades and successive elections.
Ashtown A electoral division also includes a significant part of Dublin 15 including the areas of the
Royal Canal and Rathbourne which continue to be developed. Therefore, it is important to keep
both Ashtown A and Ashtown B areas in Dublin West for continuity having been transferred in two elections ago.
The simplest and least disruptive change would be to add the Meakestown area (part of the Dubber electoral division to the south of the M50) to Dublin West to achieve a 5-seat population average. This electoral area is already part of the Blanchardstown/Mulhuddart LEA for the local elections and would provide continuity along Council area boundaries.

Donal Foley

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