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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Eamonn Bolton

Eamonn Bolton

Submission ID: S53




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From:Eamonn Bolton
Sent:Sunday 23 April 2023 13:36
To:ELC ConstituencyReview
Subject:S53 Eamonn Bolton Submission Number of TDs Nationally and Other Issues

Dear Electoral Commission,

Please can you take the following into consideration for the constituency review:

1                     Comparing Ireland’s ratio of elected representatives (both houses) to similar democracies – (UK, Germany, Finland and some others) it appears we are grossly over-represented. I humbly submit that a total of 160 reps should cover both houses of the Oireachtas – and this is on the generous side. My mathematical comparison suggests a total of 140. If you pro-rata the 160 the two house become:

a.       Dáil – 116

b.       Seanad – 44

  • There was a pointless vote on the Seanad some years ago. Of course, we want it but it is elected by an elite with a ludicrous amount of political input. I propose that the Seanad, like the Dáil, should be elected solely by the people, perhaps using a USA style structure of elections.
  • It is a sad fact that individuals, guilty of defrauding the public, remain eligible for re-election. In my opinion and experience, individuals guilty of these types of offences are untrustworthy and likely to remain so. I propose that it should be illegal to stand for public office if offences above a certain level have been committed.

Our country cannot afford to support the level of representatives currently elected/employed and the Government needs to have a more national/international mindset and presence. Re-aligning representation to a more normal democratic ratio will help support a broader focus and a more state-like approach to matters of national interest.

These two issues are of paramount importance, I believe. My suggestions do tie in with the brief relating to a more succinct ratio of representation with perhaps wider or more specifically drawn up constituencies. I hope that this, in turn, will lead to a broader view of what we want national politicians to do and re-align local expectations to more local representation within councils.


Eamonn Bolton

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