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Constituency Review Submission from Edward O’Mahony

Edward O’Mahony

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Dublin Fingal

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To whom it may concern

I wish to make the following submission regarding the current boundary review as it pertains to the constituency of Dublin Fingal.

During the last boundary review we successfully returned the full county town of Swords to the Dublin Fingal constituency, after the inexplicable decision to split the town for the 2011 general election. The return of Swords to it’s rightful home in a constituency of North County Dublin led to a symmetry of operations of national and local representation whilst remaining faithful to the boundaries of Fingal.

I feel that the most effective link of representation for the population is that of a single county council and Dáil constituency line from constituent to representative and the linked responsibility of both local and national representation to this area. Whilst this is not possible into the future given the population increase in the current constituency of Dublin Fingal, I ask that whatever decision is made that Swords remains with the rest of North County Dublin namely the Balbriggan LEA and RUSH /Lusk LEA..

If two separate constituencies are created from the current constituency of Dublin Fingal, in which Swords is not included with the Balbriggan LEA and Rush/Lusk LEA the resulting divide would create a constituency would equate to a three seater. It is my view that three seaters should be avoided where possible and it can be easily avoided with a more sensible constituency which better reflects the unique character of Fingal and North County Dublin.

I propose the continuation of a 5 seat Dublin Fingal constituency which captures the populations of the Swords LEA, Balbriggan LEA and Lusk and Rush LEA representing a total population of 135,554. Including Swords in a redrawn constituency of Fingal North is a necessity given the role of the town as the capital town of north county Dublin and the Fingal County Council chambers. It would equate to a representation of 27,111 per TD. I believe this ratio of representation provides room for the ever-growing population of the areas of Swords, Balbriggan, and Rush/Lusk.

Dublin Fingal (5 seats)

Swords LEA – 55,229

Balbriggan LEA – 40,344

Rush/Lusk LEA – 39,981

Total Population: 135,554 (27,111 per TD)

Kind Regards,

Edward O’Mahony

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