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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Eileen Murray

Eileen Murray

Submission ID: S365




Dublin Fingal, Dublin West

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I understand the Commission is currently looking at the boundaries of the Swords Electoral area due to the population growth. I would like the commission to consider the uniqueness of the Swords area as a whole. With a previous realignment the Swords South Area including Rivervalley, Rathingle and Ridgewood were included in the Blanchardstown electoral area. This was a disaster for our area as we were left with no representation. There is a lot of expansion happening around us and we would like to have a voice in issues that would impact on us. For example the lack of Primary Schools, secondary schools, university, assess to health care and the possibility of a primary care unit and the long awaited Metro and Traffic issues. These are issues where decisions are made at Government level. 



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