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Constituency Review Submission from Eimear Byrne

Eimear Byrne

Submission ID: S549




Kildare North, Kildare South

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to draw your attention to the boundary that currently exists between Kildare North and Kildare South which currently classifies the townland of Punchestown Great where I live as part of the Kildare South constituency forcing me to vote in Ballymore Eustace approx. 10 miles aways as opposed to Rathmore Hall 5 miles away.

We live in the parish of Eadestown. My children attend Rathmore Natioonal school, play Gaa with Eadestown and will hopefully attend secondary school in Naas when they are older. Everything in our life is centered towards Naas we shop, attend activities (drama, swimming hurling) and vote for the Naas local electoral area.

All our local loyalties and concerns would be with Eadestown and the town of Naas all located in the North Kildare constituency and not with Kildare South. In fact I still remember the puzzlement that we all felt when this artificial classification was created approx. 20 years ago and it still does not feel right all these years later.

I would ask that consideration be given to either transferring the voters from the parish of Eadestown to vote in Rathmore Hall as was the case many years ago or that all votes in the Ballymore Eustace polling station be transferred to Kildare North constituency.

Many thanks for your consideration of this submission.

Yours sincerely

Eimear Byrne

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