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Constituency Review Submission from Emmanuel Sweeney

Emmanuel Sweeney

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I would suggest that Ireland maybe be over represented by the number of members of the Dail compared to other democratic states around the world. This means too much democracy and less accountability. Fewer journalists to cover so many stories requiring investigation. My second point the funding Structure for political parties Pay per vote effectively denies New incumbents into politics. As it is too costly .The effect Here is those who are funded Can build up family dynasties
This is anti-democratic. More important those with Anti-establishment views are Seldom heard. History tells us that dissidence. In many countries often save Countries from tragedy. And are often the prophets of The future. Irelands history of corruption I dont need to detail.
Just to mention politics and The Banks should be sufficient. And business also. The closed political system may Cost us yet. History will judge your commission on how open our Political system is to alternative Views to bring our country forward in the future.


Mr. Emmanuel Sweeney LLB.Laws

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