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Constituency Review Submission from Emmet Doran

Emmet Doran

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Louth, Meath East

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From: Emmett Doran
Sent: Wednesday 3 May 2023 22:54
To: ELC ConstituencyReview
Subject: Submission the Drogheda and Louth Meath Constituency

I would like to submit my opinion on the matter of the constituency of Drogheda and East Meath .
Drogheda is the largest town in Ireland…fact.
Drogheda is the second largest town in Louth…fact.
Drogheda is split by the Boyne River.One side is the Parish of St Peters in the Diocese of Armagh, in the county of Louth and within 1 min walking the other side is in the parish of St Mary’s in the Diocese of Meath in the county of Meath , up to the latter part of the 19th Century Drogheda was its own County, The County of the Town of Drogheda.
Presently it is split between two county council’s and therefore not benefitting Drogheda as a whole.
It’s time for Drogheda to be designated as City status in order to serve the whole of its large population

Thank you for you time

Emmett Doran

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