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Constituency Review Submission from Fianna Fáil Donegal Executive

Fianna Fáil Donegal Executive

Submission ID: S164




Donegal, Sligo-Leitrim

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Dear Sir/Madam, 

We the Fianna Faíl Donegal Comhairle Daíl Ceantar Officer Board request clarification on the terms of reference, time scale, process and procedures in completing the report on the inclusion of Bundoran and Ballyshannon to the Donegal South West Electoral Area or the current Donegal Electoral Area remaining in place with both South West and North East Electoral Area being one.

As you can understand we have a number of Fianna Faíl party members anxious and annoyed at being outside their county boundary and we believe that it is paramount that they return within their county boundary for election purposes. The social structure, security, knowledge and benefit of being in the original Donegal South West Electoral Area for people is of paramount importance to them. The people of Bundoran and Ballyshannon feel ignored, disillusioned and isolated in a challenging economic and political landscape.

I look forward to your reply with the relevant information.

Many Thanks,

Susan Meehan on behalf of Donegal Fianna Faíl Executive 

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