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Constituency Review Submission from Frank Flanagan

Frank Flanagan

Submission ID: S555




Louth, Meath East

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Dear Sir / Madam

I would strongly support the re-classification of Drogheda to city status.  Ireland’s largest town and hinterland of East Meath has grown significantly in recent years . We share so many resources already .

The management, planning ,governance and inclusivity of such a large population living side by side has not worked  to date due to the missing link of City Status.

The concept of joining these growing urban areas into one electoral area, with Drogheda for city status, would bring a much more effective and efficient approach to serving the communities better.     

I agree with the below assertion of the ‘Drogheda for City Status’ group :-  

“Drogheda and East Meath are no longer distinct and separate areas; they are rapidly merging with the population of these regions sharing various resources, including infrastructure, facilities, transportation, employment, and much more. I would propose that Drogheda and East Meath remain in the same constituency. Alternatively, it makes sense to establish a new constituency for the Drogheda/South Louth/East Meath area, including some outlying regions that depend on Drogheda for resources and facilities.”

Schools, third level education, industry, arts and sporting facilities, public transport, road / pedestrian/ cycleway infrastructure, shopping concentrations, tourism and economic development planning would benefit greatly from over-arching sustainable management.   

The lifeline that forms a natural divide between Drogheda and East Meath area, the Boyne estuary and valley with surrounding coastal habitats should be managed as a whole ecosystem, rather than the current state of piecemeal  projects.   

The proximity to Dublin and the road  / rail  infrastructure, the high population and workforce, the natural amenity / resources that link these areas together, the high value recreation and tourism assets on our doorstep should be leveraged in a sustainable way by targeted and specific management for the area. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this submission and I hope for a positive outcome for Drogheda and the East Meath area. 

Kind regards

Frank Flanagan

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