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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Hugh Cronin

Hugh Cronin

Submission ID: S531




Cork East, Cork North-Central

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To whom it concerns,

I am writing to you to make a submission regarding the boundary review currently under way by you, the Boundary Commission. I write to you as a citizen in a peripheral area of Cork East where our Parish, Glounthaune Parish, has historically been dissected in to two, between Cork North Central and Cork East. Areas such as eastern Glounthaune, Knockraha and Transtown (Watergrasshill) have been more or less in Cork East predominantly, while their neighbours have found themselves in Cork North Central. I believe that this historic anomaly needs to be examined to ensure that the social and geographical integrity of these areas is restored, particularly in ensuring compliance with the section 56.2.1 of the Electoral Reform Act highlighted below:

When preparing a report under subsection (1)(a)(i), the Commission shall, in

observing the relevant provisions of the Constitution in relation to Dáil constituencies,

have regard to the following:

(a) the total number of members of Dáil Éireann, subject to Article 16.2.2 of the

Constitution, shall be not less than 171 and not more than 181;

(b) each constituency shall return 3, 4 or 5 members;

(c) the breaching of county boundaries shall be avoided as far as practicable;

(d) each constituency shall be composed of contiguous areas;

(e) there shall be regard to geographic considerations including significant physical

features and the extent of and the density of population in each constituency;

(f) subject to this section, the Commission shall endeavour to maintain continuity in relation to the arrangement of constituencies.

It makes no sense other than reasons of history or legacy that such an arrangement would be allowed to persist. I believe this is the appropriate time to correct this anomaly and to restore communities, restore parishes and to breathe new life in to local representative democracy at the same time as many of these areas would be on the periphery of their constituency.

 There are two possible scenarios here, that Cork North Central would become a 5 seater as supported by its population, incorporating some of the areas mentioned above. Alternatively it could remain a 4 seater, and while restoring the integrity of the areas mentioned above is paramount, the “south side” of the CNC constituency, areas south of the river Lee, Bishopstown, city centre south etc, accounting for approximately 20,000 people would revert to Cork South Central, thereby making it a 5 seater and reaffirming Cork North Central as a 4 seater. If any additional populations were required they could be sourced from areas to the North and West of the constituency that would have a stronger affinity to the towns of Macroom and Mallow for example.

I appreciate your consideration,

Many thanks,

 Hugh Cronin

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