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Constituency Review Submission from Ian Croft

Ian Croft

Submission ID: S419




Dublin Bay North, Dublin North-West

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To whom it may concern,
I would like some consideration to be given to the Dublin Northwest Constituency. The Artane / Whitehall LEA lies between Dublin Northwest (DNW) and Dublin Bay North (DBN). This causes a lot of difficulty when many Artane/ Whitehall councilors are focused on running for the Dail elections in DBN and are not fully committed to the needs of the those faced in DNW.
Residents in Santry find it difficult in cultivating a sense of community when we are also divided by to Fingal County Boundaries, the Swords LEA and the Blanchardstown LEA. DNW should encompass the entire Santry area, and if Fingal County Council are to remain as a local authority of the northern part of Santry, it would make more sense to deal with the Swords administrative area.
It would make more sense to have the new Dublin City Council depot as part of Dublin City, along with IKEA and Decathlon, by bringing the boundary of the city up to the M50.
DNW should be a 4 seater constituency.

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