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Constituency Review Submission from Ian Donoghue

Ian Donoghue

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A chara,

This is a submission in respect of the Wexford Constituency.

Current Status
With a County population of 163,527 people, the current population of the Wexford Constituency is too large for a 5 seat Constituency configuration as currently permitted under the Constitution.

6 Seat Constituency
At present the Commission is not permitted to organise a 6 seat Constituency a matter which in my view ought to be dealt with by the Oireachtas. I believe that a 6 seat countywide Constituency would be best placed to serve the needs of the County from an economic, social, civic and political viewpoint. However, given that this is not legally permissible this submission will consider alternative options.

Breaching County Boundaries
The terms of reference provide that the Commission will have regard to “the breaching of county boundaries shall be avoided as far as practicable.”

I fully agree with this statement and would ask that full consideration be given to this term in consideration of the Wexford Constituency.

Other submissions have rightly pointed to the negative impact that the transfer from 1960 to 1981, of the
Bunclody (DED Newtownbarry) and part of its hinterland of the District Electoral Divisions of Kilrush, Kiltealy, Moyacomb, Rossard, St. Mary’s, Tombrack and Ballybeg from the Dail Constituency of Wexford to the Dail Constituency of Carlow Kilkenny. I agree with this perspective. The negative impact of that decision from an economic, social, civic and political viewpoint took this area many years to recover from.

I would ask that there be no breaches of the Wexford County boundaries when configuring a new Wexford Constituency.

3 Seat Constituencies
Instead, I believe that until such time as a 6 seat constituency is permitted, to avoid a breach of the County Wexford Boundaries the only viable solution is two 3 seat constituencies.

Given the strong local linkages from a social and economic perspective between the Enniscorthy 29,232, Gorey 31,123 and Kilmuckridge 18,311 Districts I believe there is a strong case for having these three districts form the basis for a North Wexford Constituency with a total population of 78,666.

Given the strong local linkages from a social and economic perspective between the New Ross 29,987, Rosslare 23,244 and Wexford 31,630 Districts, these make a strong case to be incorporated in South Wexford Constituency with a total population of 84,861.

I would ask that you have regard to the above in considering the make up of the Wexford Constituency.

Kind regards,

Ian Donoghue

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