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Constituency Review Submission from James Campbell 

James Campbell 

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Louth, Meath East

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To whom it may concern, 

Currently the Drogheda area is being governed by Louth County Council and Meath Council Council. 

It has led the neglect of the area over many years.

I would hate to see the south of Drogheda and East Meath taken out of the current constituency. It has been a positive development having the east Meath area brought into the constituency. It has led to the area having three representatives in the Dáil. 

I believe we need to move away from the idea of county boundaries (GAA focus) and to the possibility of the Drogheda area having its own constituency. Similar to what it had prior to 1898. 

The issues of housing, education, job creation and transport network would be better served by the whole area in the one constituency. 

Kind regards, 

James Campbell 

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