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Constituency Review Submission from John Boyle

John Boyle

Submission ID: S435




Sligo-Leitrim, Roscommon-Galway

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I wish to object to the following submission by Frank Feighan TD:

However in North Roscommon, I certainly did not encounter any evidence in the media or on the doorsteps about the constituency split in this county, and to the contrary the people in the Boyle and North Roscommon area seemed to be very satisfied with their inclusion within the Sligo-Leitrim constituency.”

The present constituency arrangement is unsatisfactory. The avoidance of splitting county Leitrim has resulted in a domino effect across Connaught-Ulster causing multiple county boundaries being breached. THIS IS NOT FAIR

It is essential that County Leitrim be split again between the Roscommon and Sligo constituencies. This will result in NO OTHER COUNTY BOUNDARIES BEING BREACHED in Connaught-Ulster. The prioritisation of Leitrim’s interests over other counties is unfair the experiment of keeping Leitrim united at everyone else’s expense should be ended.

John Reilly

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