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Constituency Review Submission from John Butler

John Butler

Submission ID: S534




National Issues, Carlow-Kilkenny, Waterford

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To members of the Constituency Review.

In the current review of constituency boundaries the hope would be that it would be more that a mathematical exercise to meet what by now should be an outdated criteria.

There has been changes in both the overall population and the distribution densities.

The interactions with public representatives (TDs) is now way different from when the criteria was set.

The criteria should be changed rather than the boundaries been redrawn.

Proper recognition should be given to current and historical boundaries and lessons being learned from errors of the past where portions of counties were shaved off to other constituencies.

People have affiliations to their local area, urban, rural, village, town, parish, county and province.

In the instance of  Kilkenny, no piece should be carved away from it to subsidise the Waterford constituency for the maths.

County and provincial integrity should be honoured.

People in the south of county Kilkenny have an historic affiliation to their area and related representation and do not want the border moved.

To consider having a predominately rural area aligned with a incompatible urban area would not be reasonable or workable.

The area would be in serious danger of loosing proper representation and be overwhelmed by the urban interests.

The problems that such moves have caused over the years should be corrected rather than adding further anguish and distress for the people concerned.

Trusting that you will give favourable considerations to these matters.


John Butler

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