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Constituency Review Submission from John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald

Submission ID: S364




Dublin North-West, Dublin Bay North

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Dublin North West

I would like to make a submission regarding Dublin North West and the area or village of Santry.  At the moment the east boundary of the constituency follows a line to divide Santry in half –  with the other half in Dublin Bay North. This has been the case with Santry over many years and it has seriously damaged the area and resulting in it being marginalised.  Other communities across Dublin tend to be taken as a whole and not split in this way.

The area of Santry has further complications in that there is also split in two – north / south – between Fingal CoCo and Dublin CoCo for local elections.  This mean there is a four-way split of the constituencies for the area.

These are not just lines on a map – and these boundaries have enormous impact.  Santry has not got one community or government supported facility and gets no investment. Any request for support for Santry gets a standard reply that there is a need to agree with the ‘people ‘ on other side of boundary – Fingal, Dublin Bay North.  Dublin CoCo hardly recognises Santry as an area anymore and won’t spend €5k on a local area plan that the community has been looking for.  

Santry is a traditional Dublin village and community -and once was beautiful. It has been devasted by bad planning and lack of interest.

Thanks with appreciation.

John Fitzgerald

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